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Helping Gold Coast Home Buyers Achieve The Dream

At Impact Lending, we have successfully helped hundreds of Gold Coast home buyers secure their dream home. If you’re feeling anxious and distressed about commencing your loan application or completely overwhelmed by the sheer volume of lending options out there, we’ll give you the confidence that you need to emerge from this labyrinth of uncertainty, with the keys to your new home.

Our team of skilled mortgage brokers negotiate on your behalf to make the process of acquiring the optimal home loan as easy as possible. Buying a home is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make in your lifetime and the entire process typically requires a considerable amount of time, money and emotional investment, but with our guidance and assistance, we’ll ensure that you spend less time worrying about your loan application and more time enjoying the once in a lifetime excitement of home ownership.

At Impact Lending, we have extensive experience helping clients acquire their home with the best possible home loan deal. We can assist you in financing your mortgage and assisting where appropriate, with your application for the first home owners’ grant. In addition, we can provide a referral to satisfy your conveyancing needs.

Simplifying the Process

When enlisting the services of our experienced brokerage personnel, we will:

  • Calculate your borrowing capability and purchasing power, ensuring that you avoid the trap of over-borrowing or waste time pursuing properties that are outside of your budget
  • Consider your personal needs and requirements to ensure you make the right decisions
  • Educate you on the offerings and differences between the myriad of available loan options issued by major banks, private lenders, and specialist lenders
  • Avoid the use of complicated industry vernacular, in favour of easy to understand language that helps you, rather than hinders you
  • Openly discuss the qualities and benefits of each loan option that most suits you
  • Ensure that all documentation is processed as quickly as possible
  • Provide invaluable insight and advice to you, throughout your entire financial journey

Purchasing Power

The amount of money a lender will allow you to borrow from them, is ultimately determined by these three factors:

  • The size of your deposit 2) Your current income level    3) Any additional financial responsibilities

Supplementary Costs

When buying your home, you have to be mindful of all expenses involved in the buying process. At Impact Lending, our mortgage brokers will detail all of the costs that are likely to be incurred, ensuring that you won’t be stung by any unforeseen charges.

These additional expenses include:

  • Lender’s mortgage insurance
  • Conveyancing expenses
  • Stamp duty
  • Home and contents insurance
  • Building or renovation expenses
  • Building/Pest inspection charges

Contact the Experts at Impact Lending

We help home buyers on the Gold Coast secure their dream home, each and every day, and we can help you, too. For more information, contact the friendly team at Impact Lending today.