Financial Planner Gold Coast

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Get best advice through our financial planner at Impact Lending Solutions on the Gold Coast.

We have a panel of affiliated consultants available to assist our clients with their wealth creation and wealth protection needs. At Impact Lending Solutions, our leading financial planner gold coast can tailor a complete wealth creation plan for your lifestyle requirements.

Solutions for Individuals and Families

  • Income Protection Insurance
  • Total and Permanent Disability Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Trauma Insurance
  • Taxation Planning
  • Investments
  • Retirement & Estate Planning
  • Superannuation

Solutions for Business

  • Corporate Superannuation Plans
  • Key-person insurance
  • Taxation Planning

Insurance – Why you need it

What would happen to your family if the main income earner lost the ability to earn income?

Most of us insure our cars and our homes, but few of us insure our most valuable asset, the ability to earn income. So it is essential to protect yourself in the unfortunate event of an accident or illness which may result in you being unable to provide for you and your family. Through our financial planning associates, we can help arrange the best ‘value for money” policy to protect you and your family.

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Privacy policy

Our financial planning business is operated by Impact Financial Planning Solutions Pty Ltd atf The IFPS Unit Trust, with Ben Fitch AR  441749 as the authorised representative. Ben Fitch and Impact Financial Planning Solutions Pty Ltd atf The IFPS Unit Trust CAR 1234673 are Authorised Representatives of Interprac Financial Plannig Pty Ltd Pty Ltd AFSL 246638